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Solve Your Cellular Connectivity Problems with CellRaven™

ProParking Technologies has solved the problem of wifi and cell connectivity with our groundbreaking product CellRaven. This proprietary formula re-engineers enterprise WiFi delivery to consumers' smartphones throughout any underground parking facility, as well as areas inside the building that could benefit from stronger cellular coverage.

A Cost-Effective Solution

CellRaven’s powerful enterprise solution offers high speeds, strong signals, and the ability to re-engineer the solution to the specific cellular needs of any building owner. Repeaters are strategically placed throughout the garage to provide the necessary coverage, even for people in moving vehicles. Additional repeaters can be placed in lobbies and other common areas, as well as on individual floors, to assure a strong and consistent signal throughout the building.


Proven Technology

CellRaven enables ProParking to improve WiFi coverage in underground parking garages and enhance cellular signal inside buildings. Our unique solution delivers high-speed, customized and managed connectivity, ensuring strong and reliable phone coverage at an affordable cost.


By leveraging the WiFi calling capabilities of contemporary devices, we can provide comprehensive coverage in schools, residential, and commercial buildings.


With CellRaven, it's now possible to achieve optimal signal strength in a cost-effective manner.


Seamless Connectivity

CellRaven is a fit for buildings of any size. It provides flawless coverage while potentially saving building owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. And because it’s entirely customizable, every CellRaven installation can be customized to meet the unique needs of any building, its owners, tenants, and visitors.

CellRaven Transforms Fountain Place

CellRaven was first installed in Fountain Place, a 60-story office tower owned by Goddard Investment Group in Dallas. Fountain Place was ready for a cell upgrade that would extend reliable cell service into the building’s underground parking garage, but the prospect of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology that may only work for a short period of time was unappealing.


“We needed a reliable, future-proof, and cost-effective answer,” said Jason Williams, Senior Vice President of Construction and Property Management for Goddard Investment Group. “The people who work in and visit our building are often on their phones as they drive into the parking area, and we need to be able to provide seamless cell service so they can continue doing business as they arrive.”

“It was actually our parking technology consultant, Brent Van Loggerenberg of ProParking, who came up with the solution,” said Williams. “He convinced us to change the way we viewed the issue and focus on WiFi rather than typical cell service.”



ProParking technologies can work with you in identifying the most cost effective solution that suits your needs.


We will work with you to help you assess your parking operation for both now and the future, as well as recommend the proper equipment and solutions to optimize your business. 

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