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Can you see the future of your parking operation?

At ProParking we have the industry expertise, experience, and market knowledge to help you take your parking operation to the next level of profitability and performance.

As veterans of the parking industry, we can help you define and refine the future of your parking operation and work with you to determine your needs both now and for the future. 


We’re Changing the Way the World Acquires Parking Solutions

We do it by starting with our experience. ProParking was created by parking experts who recognized the best way to help clients is to understand their needs and to know what parking solutions are the right fit. 

In a world where everyone is "the best" or "the leader", our decades of experience in the industry uniquely positions us to provide you the insight and the consultancy to sift through the noise and solve your parking needs like a pro.  



We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Nationwide 

ProParking services every major market in the U.S.  We provide durable, future-proof solutions comprised of best-in-breed technology at the most cost-effective price available. 

Our team is comprised of parking industry veterans that have the institutional knowledge to inform optimal product selection to suit your operation's unique needs. 


Parking is changing.  Both the vehicles we park and where and how we park them are being molded by the technological innovations that are changing all of society. ProParking can help you optimize your parking operation to accommodate both paradigms, ensuring that your efforts are rewarded now and for years to come. 



ProParking understands vehicle technology is rapidly advancing and that this will impact parking operations both in their design and their operation. 

By understanding these trends we are able to identify the migration paths available and to capitalize on them. 


From EV charging to self-driving vehicles and whatever else lies down the road. 

Mountain Ridge


Expertise, experience, and insights.

Professional Parking Technologies, LLC was founded by industry experts who understand the best systems are comprised of the best parts.  

That's why we make the extra effort to understand your needs and your goals so that we can provide you with the right solution to get your parking operation the road to success.

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